Hints & Tips

Tips & hints for successful stamping

Buckeye Engraving recommends the following for making the most of your new Custom Hand Stamp.

Tip #1

Always use safety glasses when using stamps. Stamps are hardened steel and may shatter, even when used by someone with years of experience.

Tip #2

Begin with a light hammer. You can always go deeper by lining up the stamp with the first impression and re-striking.

Tip #3

Practice first. Use your new stamp a few times on a practice piece first before stamping your finished products.

Tip #4

Never strike the face of the stamp with a hammer.

Tip #5

A controlled, even swing will give the best results; do not try to overpower the stamp.

Tip #6

If a stamp chips or cracks, do not continue using it. A cracked stamp may break from the stress of being struck, even when stamping soft material.